Ken Triplett, founder of the Wisconsin Oak Group and Amish Furniture of Nebraska, left the family farm at age 17, to explore the business world. In 1966 Ken started at B. B. & Runyan, a small furniture store located in Omaha. He moved up quickly in the furniture industry and worked for a handful of companies in Nebraska and in Wisconsin. In 1991, Ken, along with the love of his life, Cheryl Triplett, opened their first store in Wisconsin Rapids, WI.  The beginnings were tough and in 1998 Ken and Cheryl decided their location wasn’t quite right.  They decided to close the doors on their first store and re-opened a new store in Plover, Wi.

After years of successful sales, they decided it was time to move back to their roots in Central Nebraska.  In 2005, Ken and Chery opened Amish Furniture Outlet in Grand Island, NE.  The store was a great success expanding in 2007 and again in 2012.  Ken worked almost daily at the store until the time of his passing in 2018.

In 2018, Ken & Cheryl's daughter, Lisa Sabels, and son, David Triplett, took over the business. Lisa and David both had prior experience in the furniture industry and were up for the task. The first objective for the brother – sister duo was a complete facelift of the business, even updating the name to Amish Furniture of Nebraska.  Among the undertaking was another expansion of the store to improve efficiency as well as the customer’s overall buying experience. After the renovations, spear-headed by Lisa’s true vision of quality furniture mixed with stunning interior design, the duo realized the vast market potential of an Omaha location. The 2nd store opened December 10th 2019.  Dave says “We have the utmost confidence this store will be a huge success in the Omaha market.  There truly is not another store like it in the Midwest, which I believe will keep our customers coming back again and again.”


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